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About Strange Folk

Harry Goatleaf, a sour old man,  patrols the West Gate of Bree, west of Lily Sandheaver's house. When the Hobbits come up to Bree in a driving rain storm, Frodo knocks on the gates to get them to open. Harry opens up the gates and inquires about their business. Frodo states that they are heading for the Prancing Pony and they plan to stay there. Their business is their own, he says. Harry still puzzled over why four Hobbits would be in Bree, finally says, "All right young sir, I meant no offence. 'Tis my job to ask questions after nightfall. There's talk of Strange Folk abroad. Can't be too careful."

 Strange Folk is..

A LoTRO kinship of casual gamers on the Windfola server. We all have other responsibilities; kids, work, etc, and some of us have managed to raise characters to level 65 nonetheless. We like to quest, do instances, and have even successfully raided Filikul the giant turtle.

We understand. Play your game the way you like. We're here for you when it's time to play.

If you are not in the kin, but would like to apply, send an in game /tell to one of our officers, including: 

Allendir, Anselm, Algrim, Alard, Allegar, Eehaa, Senlinaran, Arialeth, Ariadianne, Earllarry


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